About – Ecouarium Ltd.


Mishaal Ali, Director of Ecouarium Ltd. in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

It has been over 40 years since our founder and business owner, Mishaal Ali, started to discover nature and established a balance with it. He has kept numerous flora and fauna including a diverse selection of birds, fish, reptiles, arachnids, insects, invertebrates, mammals - you name it! His broad travels on a global scale sparked a desire to study the discipline of what makes ecosystems and their members interact with each other. Sustainability and consciousness for the environment set the standards high to find out how to be different and make owning a pet or plant species fun and exciting while doing so responsibly.

His hobby of keeping dart frogs led him down the path of discovering the exquisiteness of the vivarium hobby. Over the years, a growing enthrallment with plants became an irresistible enthusiasm for him. To care for the frogs, creating an environment similar to their natural one meant there was a need to learn about plants. Frogs can be close to a wide variety of plant species in a relatively small zone. This meant various plant specimens could cohabit with each other as long as it was known how they grew in the wild. Plants vary in their needs. Some grow in shaded areas or sunny ones, moist or dry conditions, or breezy or calm zones.

Mishaal's interest with plants quickly overcame anything else he pursued after, and for the past ten years, he has been focused primarily on collecting the rarest, weirdest, and most wonderful oddities the world has to offer in plant specimens. Living in Canada forced him to learn how to grow plants indoors under artificial conditions that mimic their home-established environments. This led to the creation of sustainable natural environments that require little maintenance and are a delight to observe. He named these systems "ecouariums", and it's a term that he came up with to describe ecosystems inside aquariums.

Mishaal custom builds these for individuals and companies, offering them for sale, lease, and rent. Under Ecouarium Ltd., specialty plants are made available to customers who are seeking to add specimens to their existing collections or have expressed a desire to get into vivarium hobbies. Clientele bases extend to senior homes, show homes, hotels, government buildings, lobby and reception service zones, private homes, airports, Arab Golf states, and much more.

It is the sincere desire of Mishaal for you to know that there is a plant out there in the world for you to enjoy, depending on how much time you have to commit and how much you want to evolve your own collection. His belief that nature can be enjoyed by all sustainably is foundational to the customer service and expertise you will only find at Ecouarium Ltd.